Warranties, Warranties!

First, a word about warranties. It is not uncommon for the marketing department of a flooring manufacturer to portray warranties to make you think a floor will withstand a herd of elephants. It is also not uncommon for the legal department of the same manufacturer to write enough disclaimers into the warranty that nothing is covered.

Please use common sense with warranties. Warranties are only as meaningful as the companies behind them. Some manufacturers are great, and others are not. While we do not choose to diss any manufacturers, we do wish to express our high regards to Shaw Industries for having a sensible claims department. Please see our section: The Truth About Carpet Warranties.

Carpet Warranties

Beaulieu's Carpet Warrantypdf Icon
Beaulieu also covers Bliss and Hollytex.
(On July 16th, 2017 Beaulieu of America filed for bankruptcy and is now out of business after 58 years serving the community. Warranty claims need to be submitted to the bankruptcy trustee. It is unlikely there are any assets remaining to settle warranty claims.)
Dixie Home Carpet Warrantypdf Icon
DreamWeaver / Engineered Floors Carpet Warrantypdf Icon
Fabrica Carpet Warrantypdf Icon
Godfrey-Hirst's Carpet Warrantypdf Icon
JMish Carpet Warrantypdf Icon
Masland's Carpet Warrantypdf Icon
Mohawk's Carpet Warrantypdf Icon
Phenix Carpet Warrantypdf Icon
Radici's Carpet Warrantypdf Icon
Shaw's Carpet Warrantypdf Icon
Shaw also covers Cabin Craft, Philadelphia, and Tuftex.

Did you know that if you don't like your carpet after it was installed, Pelletier Rug will replace it for free? Some restrictions apply. Details can be found here.

Linoleum Floor Warranties

Cinch Loc Warrantypdf Icon
Marmoleum Commercial Warrantypdf Icon
Marmoleum Residential Warrantypdf Icon

Vinyl Floor Warranties

CLEO Residential Warrantypdf Icon
CLEO Light Commercial Warrantypdf Icon
CLEO Residential Adore Your Floor Warrantypdf Icon
CoreTec Vinyl Warrantypdf Icon
Earthwerks Vinyl Warrantypdf Icon
IVC Residential Sheet Vinyl Warrantypdf Icon
IVC Commercial Sheet Vinyl Warrantypdf Icon
Southwind Vinyl Warrantypdf Icon