Gorgeous Stair Runners and Carpet

Stair Runners

Elegant oriental stair runners.  Expertly installed.
Elegant oriental stair runners. So beautiful.
Your stairs can go from ordinary to WOW with the right stair runner. There is just so much available in stair runners today! And the oriental style stair runner is still just as popular as ever.

We also make runners from carpet. This opens up possibilities like solid color runners, berber runners, and many patterns in addition to oriental style patterns. You can get patterns like check, trellis, striped, tone-on-tone, contemporary, transitional, country, and traditional.

The result is your home or business can be exactly the way you envisioned it.

Runners are perfect when you have beautiful wood stairs and want to enjoy the beauty of that wood.

Custom work is a specialty, and affordable. We do custom fitted oriental runners that are beyond the capability of many installers. The difference makes your home sparkle.

Stair Carpet

Kitten on carpeted stairs.
Cover the step completely if you don't have nice wood floors to show off.
If you do not have finished wood stairs, or if the wood is scuffed or worn, you may want fully covered stairs instead.

There are many options in carpet for stairs. Carpeting comes solid or patterned. Patterns can be elegant oriental designs, simple berber textures, subtle tone-on-tones, and so much more.

How Much Does Stair Carpet Cost?

Solid color stair runner.
The clean lines of a solid color stair runner.
Starting at about $1,000 will put a quality oriental style runner on your stairs. The exact price will depend on the size and configuration of your stairs, and the product you select. On the low side, about $600 will put a functional commercial carpet on your stairs, again, depending on the exact size and configuration of your stairs. Removal of existing floor covering is additional.

How Do I get stairs that look this nice?

To get stairs that looks this nice, just visit us today. Or call or click to schedule free shop-at-home service.

Durability in stair runners

Stairs are a concentrated traffic area where foot traffic can take its toll. Since the amount of material is usually small, and the labor is a significant portion of putting carpet on stairs, it is definitely worthwhile to invest in top quality carpet. Stair runners will benefit greatly from dense construction. The more tightly your runner is woven, the better it withstands repeated impact traffic. Also, use pattern. Color, texture, or pattern will improve the ability of any carpet to hide dirt, stains, and traffic patterns. If your area can use pattern, use pattern. You'll be glad you did. And use a quality pad. The investment is so minimal, and the proper pad will absorb most of the impact, greatly extending the life of your stair runner.

More about Patterns

Since stairways are constricted areas, a smaller pattern will serve better than a larger pattern. Large patterns get lost since you don't see enough of the pattern. Not only are smaller patterns more aesthetically pleasing, they tend to be better at hiding traffic patterns.

Also, if your stairs make a turn with either a landing or pie-shaped steps it can be best to avoid geometric or square patterns. Your stair installer will be able to provide you with a more pleasing result with non-geometric patterns when the runner makes a turn. In any case, consult a professional for what's best in your particular situation.
Plush carpet stair runner. Plush carpet stair runner. An elegant foyer. The wow factor. Stair carpet showing tailored steps. Tailored steps.
Bridal stairs with birdcage. Bridal stairs with birdcage. Top view of bridal stairs. Top view of bridal stairs. Contemporary entrance stairs. Contemporary entrance stairs.
Wool carpet runner with wide binding. Wide Binding. A hand-knotted oriental runner. Hand-made elegance. Custom fit landings. Custom fit landings.