Braided Rugs

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Braided Rugs Today

How to warm up a room?  With a braided rug! A braided rug warms this room.
Braided rugs are an old colonial craft product. They are one of our earliest "green" products, because they were made from recycled cloth that was reused from worn clothing. They were traditionally made in the home for the maker's own use.

Today, braided rugs are made with all new materials. They also come in sharp colors that match today's fabrics. They are perfect for rooms where our decor will benefit from a "home-spun" or colonial look. Nothing says "take me back in time" like a braided area rug.

Are Braided Rugs Durable?

Yes! Braided rugs are very durable. The variation of colors is perfect for hiding soil and traffic patterns. The random changes are superb at hiding small stains too. It's not that braids don't get dirty or stained. They do, but they just don't show it. They are like magicians that are great at hiding what's right in front of you.

You Need a Non-Slip Pad

Braided rugs are very durable. However, they are most vulnerable to coming apart at the stitching, so ALL braided rugs should be placed over a non-slip pad (even large braids). A non-slip pad reduces strain on the stitching, and greatly extends the life of your braided rug. All braided rug manufacturers require the use of a non-slip pad to validate stitching warranties

Braided Rug Construction

There are three main types of braided rugs: cloth braids, yarn braids, and tube braids.

Cloth Braids

A braided rug made from cloth. Cloth is more durable than yarn.  These braids last a long, long time. Detail of a braided rug made from cloth.
Cloth braided rugs are your highest quality braided rugs. They are made with strips of cloth that are sewn together and then braided. The finished braids of cloth are then sewn together.

Cloth braided rugs resist fuzzing and pilling much more than other styles of braided rugs. But because cloth costs more than yarn, they are also the most expensive.

Since the closure of the Thorndike Mills we have not had a source of true wool cloth braided rugs. However, Capel makes a beautiful braid made from woven yarn that is just lovely and which captures the look and spirit of a cloth braid.

Yarn Braids

A braided rug made from yarn.  Yarn is more susceptible to fuzzing or pilling.  Nevertheless, yarn braids are the most popular due to their lower price. Detail of a braided rug made from yarn.
Yarn braids are braided from yarn. Cloth is more durable than yarn, as it resists fuzzing and pilling. That having been said, yarn braids are still the most popular braided rug today because they are more affordable than cloth braids. You can often replace a yarn braid one or two times for the same money as a cloth braided rug.

Tube Braids

The third main type of braid is called a tube braid. Tube braids are made by sewing together tubes of loose woven material in concentric ovals (or squares). They are technically not braided, but look like one when glanced casually. Tube braids are the cheapest braid you can buy. Their main criticism is poor appearance.

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