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Pelletier Rug = Confidence

Pelletier History At Pelletier Rug Co., Inc. we are committed to providing our clients the most value. Here's how we bend over backwards to provide you with what you want.

Right Carpet Guarantee

Afraid you might pick the wrong carpet?

Relax! At Pelletier Rug Co., we guarantee you'll pick the right carpet, or we will replace your wall-to-wall carpet for free!

While most people pick the right color, just imagine if you picked a carpet that clashed with your d├ęcor? Would you live with that ugly color for years? Or would you go through the expense of replacing the carpet?

At Pelletier Rug Co., you have no worries and no risk. Why risk picking a wrong color? Just choose Pelletier Rug Co. and you will pick the right carpet.


Click this link for the details on the Right Carpet Guarantee

Pro Plus Installation

  • Fully insured.
  • Crew chief with at least 10 years experience.
  • 5 year limited labor warranty.
  • Newly installed rooms vacuumed free of charge.
  • Limited furniture moving included FREE.
You can rely on Pelletier Rug Co. to provide the most professional flooring installation possible.

No problems.

No worries.

Red Carpet Customer Service

Your time is valuable. Why waste it?
  • Free Premier Shop-at-Home service. We come to you with all the samples. Shop for flooring when it's convenient for you: When the children are in bed; or when you're home watching dinner cook. Why go out in the heat or the cold? We'll come to you. We need to come see you anyway, so we can accurately measure your rooms; so why not save an extra step. Save your time. Make it easy on yourself!
  • Firm quotations. Don't waste your time with wishy-washy estimates. We'll come to your home and tell you exactly how much your flooring will cost.
  • Expert advice. Our staff are flooring professionals. They do not work in the paint department, but will try to answer your question anyway. You'll get answers that count.
Confidence. That's Pelletier Rug.