Vinyl Floor Cloths

Vinyl floor cloths are a great way to add some pizazz to your room with a durable, easy-to-maintain, practical floor covering.

Easy to Maintain

Vinyl is easy to wipe clean. Vinyl floor cloths are extremely stain resistant, allowing you to wipe up foods, beverages, or pet accidents with ease. Mud? No problem. Water? They are water proof. That's not something you can say about carpet. This easy cleanability make vinyl popular for kitchens, baths, entrances, halls, and all heavily used or casual areas where you just don't want to worry. No hassle durability.
waterproof decorative flooring vinyl floor cloth

No Trip Hazard

How thick is a vinyl floor cloth? About 1/16th of an inch thick. This leaves no lip or edge for people to trip on. ADA (American Disabilities Act) requires 1/4" or less for handicap compliance.

The non-slip backing will not harm your existing floors. No additional padding or underlayment is required or recommended. A vinyl floor cloth is one of the quickest and easiest ways to dress up a tired floor.

Vinyl floor cloths are great for the elderly, entrances, kitchens and businesses. Have low door clearance? A vinyl floor cloth can work where a rug might be too thick. A vinyl floor cloth is one of the quickest and easiest ways to dress up a tired floor while handling your main traffic areas.
perfect for kitchens cover distressed floors

Many Sizes Available

Vintage Vinyl Sizes
Size Price
1'8" x 2'6" $39
3'2" x 4'8" $159
4'4" x 6'4" $269
5'10" x 8'6" $499
8' x 11'8" $1,164
10' x 14'7" $1,802
3' x 7'6" $249
3' x 9'7" $319
3' x 3' $99
4' x 4' $189
5' x 5' $299
6' x 6' $398
8' x 8' $699
10' x 10' $999

vinyl floor cloth vinyl floor cloth

Pet Friendly

Did your pet have an accident? No problem. Just wipe it clean.

What is Vintage Vinyl?

Many (but not all) of the patterns have a distressed look. This is deliberate and is intended to give your floor cloth a worn-in, worn ... vintage ... look. This is not a defect.

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vinyl floor cloth vinyl floor cloth
Reference files: How to care for your vinyl floor cloth.