What Is Sheet Vinyl Flooring?

Sheet vinyl is flooring that comes on big rolls like carpet does. Common widths in vinyl rolls are 12' and 13'2".

No or minimal seams.

Because sheet vinyl is cut off a large roll in one piece, many areas can be done with no seams, or very minimal seams. If your kitchen is 10' x 14' and the vinyl you select comes on a roll that is 12' wide, a 12' x 14' piece of vinyl does that kitchen without a seam. This is great for wet areas as it guarantees no water penetration through the floor (edges would need to be caulked if water penetration at the edges is an issue).

Easy to maintain.

Few floors are easier to maintain than sheet vinyl. A quick once over with a damp mop is usually all that's required to spiff up the floor.

What does it cost?

Vinyl sheet floors generally cost from $5 to $9 per square foot installed. This is for a sub-floor that is prepared to accept a new vinyl floor. Removal of existing flooring and/or other floor preparation is additional. We provide free estimates!


And the selection is great! Here's a sampling. Plus, there's a lot more than sheet vinyl. Learn about all our vinyl flooring choices here.
Andorra Vinyl Floor. Andorra Vinyl Swatch.
Brenton Vinyl Floor. Brenton Vinyl Swatch.
Burgos Vinyl Floor. Burgos Vinyl Swatch.
Colorado Vinyl Floor. Colorado Vinyl Swatch.
Kahlo Vinyl Floor. Kahlo Vinyl Swatch.
Manhattan Vinyl Floor. Manhattan Vinyl Swatch.
Modus Vinyl Floor. Modus Vinyl Swatch.
Nero Vinyl Floor. Nero Vinyl Swatch.
Palisade Vinyl Floor. Palisade Vinyl Swatch.
Sadako Vinyl Floor. Sadako Vinyl Swatch.
Techno Vinyl Floor. Techno Vinyl Swatch.
Terrance Vinyl Floor. Terrance Vinyl Swatch.
Toronto Vinyl Floor. Toronto Vinyl Swatch.

Reference files: How to care for your vinyl floor.
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