Carpet Binding & Finishing.

Whether you purchased your carpet from Pelletier Rug or somewhere else, you may want an extra piece finished into an area rug. Our carpet binding service offers several options including carpet binding, carpet serging, or rug fringe.

Type of Edging Carpet Binding Cost # Colors Available
Standard Synthetic Binding $3.00 / foot 160 colors
Standard Cotton Binding $4.00 / foot 80 colors
Carpet Serging $6.00 / foot 150 colors
Rug Fringe $10.00 / foot 6 varieties
Prices include edging materials and professional application.
Prices do not include custom or complex work.

Standard Carpet Binding

Carpet binding is a cloth tape that is sewn on the edge of a carpet. Standard rug binding is a cloth binding tape that is sewn on the edge of a carpet to keep it from fraying. Polyester binding is the most durable and fade resistant. It also offers the most colors. Cotton binding is available for a small upcharge. Cotton has a nice look, but is not recommended for high traffic areas, sunny areas, or areas subject to occasional moisture.

Carpet Serging

Carpet serging is yarn that is sewn on the edge to keep it from fraying. Rug serging is a yarn edge that is sewn on the edge of a carpet to keep it from fraying. It has a softer look than binding, although is slightly less durable. Serging best matches the edge finish on most oriental design rugs.

Rug Fringe

Rug fringe is a more decorative finish. We have several choices for color and style of fringe. Fringe your new rug, or we can replace worn fringe on your existing rug.

What can we finish?

We can bind, serge, or fringe almost any carpet or rug. Some rugs (sisal and extra thick carpets, for example) may require special consideration. We can answer your questions once we see the rug. We commonly bind:
  • Area rugs.
  • Stair runners.
  • Hall runners.
  • Carpet cove base.
If you need your carpet cut down in size, we can do that too!

How long does carpet edging take?

Your order for carpet edging will take about a week. Rush service is available for an additional fee. You can bring your carpet to be bound any time we are regularly open. Small rugs can be shipped to us, and we can bind them and ship them back to you for a small shipping and handling fee.

How long will carpet binding last?

Both your carpet and your edging are soft textile products that are walked on. No textile product will last forever, especially when walked on. How long your rug and edging lasts will be largely dependent how much use it gets. A demanding commercial setting may get only a few years use, while a rug in a home may appear good after ten years. Since it is impossible to be specific, we'll just say your carpet binding or fringe should last several years.