Outdoor Carpet

Characteristics of Outdoor Carpet

Dries out quickly

Nothing is quite as unpleasant as stepping on a sopping wet carpet whether in bare feet or with shoes. And since outdoor carpet is exposed to the weather, it will get wet. Depending on your outdoor area, sometimes it will get soaked.

So the first characteristic that we need is carpet that will dry out quickly. For this reason, we need carpet that is a thinner and looser construction, and made from fibers that don't absorb moisture readily. This allows the carpet to dry out quickly. The right outdoor carpet can make your outdoor living space enjoyable.

Resistant to rot and decay

Outdoor applications are tough. Many materials will rot and decay quickly when placed outside. So outdoor carpets need to be made of fibers that resist decay.

Resistant to sun, fading, and UV rays

Finally, outdoor sun can fade things fast. It's disappointing to pick a nice green only to have it appear white in a couple months. So we need materials that are resistant to fading and damage from UV rays.

Types of Outdoor carpet

Fake Grass

Fake grass.  A popular outdoor carpet.
Fake grass is a popular outdoor carpet.
Fake grass carpet is what people most commonly associate with outdoor carpet. A popular choice for putting greens everywhere or to give a patio the feeling of being outdoors. Use it on your deck, around your pool, in a gazebo, a lanai, or play area for a cozy look.

Fake grass comes in a choice of qualities and colors.

Fake grass carpet should not be confused with astroturf or artificial turf. We provide carpet for outdoor patios, swimming pool decks, outdoor decks, gazebos, sun rooms, etc. We do not provide a replacement for lawns. For that you should see a landscaping supplier.

Needlebond Carpet

Needlebond carpet on patio.
Needlebond carpet on patio.
The mainstay of outdoor carpet. Outdoor needlebond carpet is made by repeatedly needling UV resistant synthetic fibers to make a felted piece of material. Since there are no individual yarns and the fibers are all intermeshed with each other, this type of carpet experiences no zippering like is common in traditional commercial or berber carpet. It can be cut and does not require binding. And it has no secondary backing so it is very flexible and does not experience delamination.

Since one way outdoor carpets can fail is delamination of the primary and secondary backing (due to high amounts of moisture), needlebond carpet makes the ideal outdoor carpet as it doesn't have a secondary backing. It's relatively thin, and dries out quickly. It's the king of outdoor carpets.
Outdoor carpet with textured pattern.
Looks great with outdoor furniture.
Needlebond is superior for molding around irregular shapes like boat hatches and motor covers while also being a solid choice for flat surfaces like pool decks, walkways, and other outdoor areas around your home. And for pool decks, it provides better slip resistance and a kinder surface than bare concrete.

Indoor / Outdoor Carpet

And then there is indoor/outdoor carpet. While many believe commercial carpet is synonymous with indoor/outdoor carpet, it is not. Indoor/outdoor carpet is commercial carpet that is resistant to UV light and resists rot and decay. Not all commercial carpet fits these requirements.