Oriental Design Rugs

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Elegance rug.
Elegance Rug - traditional.
Atlas rug.
Atlas - Rich classics.

Adventurer rug.
Adventurer Rug - Wool Axminster.
Homeward rug.
Homeward Rug - Affordable Style

Homeward rug.
Imperial Rug - Traditional Classic

What is an oriental design rug?

An genuine oriental rug is a rug that is hand woven of natural fibers. Oriental design rugs are rugs that have traditional oriental designs, but are not hand-made or are made of synthetic materials or both.

To eliminate confusion you may see the terms "genuine oriental rug" or "oriental design rug" used so you know exactly what you are looking at. While the term "oriental rug" technically means a genuine oriental rug, people are not always precise in their usage and confusion can result. The extended vocabulary helps eliminate this confusion.