Commercial Carpet Care

Whenever your carpet manufacturer provides specific information on your carpet that contradicts the following, please follow your manufacturer's recommendations. In general, you should follow the instructions for general carpet care.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Schedule

Carpet placed in commercial setting requires a higher level of routine maintenance than carpet in your home. Here is the maintenance schedule for commercial carpet:
Amount of Traffic Vacuum Frequency Professional Cleaning Frequency Spot Cleaning Frequncy
Light Every 2 to 3 days Every 12 months As Needed
Medium Daily Every 6 months As Needed
Heavy Daily Every 3 months As Needed
Severe Daily Every month As Needed

Light Traffic - Individual Offices
Medium Traffic - Shared Offices, Cubicle Areas, Conference Rooms, Minor Hallways
Heavy Traffic - Entrances, Elevators, Main Hallways, Copy Rooms, Mail Rooms, Break Rooms
Severe Traffic - Airports, Customer Waiting Rooms, Entries and Halls to Major Facilities like Hospitals, Theaters, Restaurants, Food Service Areas

Entry Mats

One of the best ways to protect a major investment in carpet at your facility, is to stop dirt from getting on the carpet. Commercial grade entry mats are crucial for maximizing your investment in carpet. We recommend entry matting in homes, but entry matting is essential in a commercial setting.

Entry mats help collect dirt before they enter the building. Many people naturally wipe their feet on entry mats, further reducing soiling. And there are entry mats that are designed for northern climates that help collect snow and moisture.

Advice on entry mats: Do not go cheap. Cheap entry mats are often found in home centers and office supply stores. Cheap mats do not stand up. They do an inadequate job of stopping soiling, and they look poor.

You get high quality commercial entry matting at a professional flooring store. If you get quality entry mats, you will thank us many times over. For large facilities, reducing premature wear can save you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, or more.