Carpet Stain Removal and Cleaning Instructions

Stain Removal Chart
or Stain
Removal Method Spot
or Stain
Removal Method Spot or Stain Removal Method
Asphalt 3,1 Earth (dirt) 1 Wine 9
Ink 1, Pro Shoe Polish (liq.) 1 Beer 1
Egg 1 Lacquer 3,1 Shoe polish (paste) 1
Berries 1 Food Coloring 1, Pro Makeup (foundation) 1
Shellac 4,1 Blood 1, Pro Foods (greasy) 1
Mascara 1 Soft Drinks 1 Butter 1
Foods (general) 1 Mayonnaise 1 Soy Sauce 1
Candy 1 Fruit Juices 1 Mercurochrome 1
Steak Sauce 1 Carbon Black 1 Furn. polish (water base) 1
Merthiolate 1 Tar 3,1 Catsup 1
Furn. Polish (with stain) 3,1 Milk 1 Tea 1
Chewing gum 2 Glue (school) 1 Mixed Drinks 1
Toothpaste 1 Chocolate 1 Gravy 1
Mud 1 Tomato Juice 1 Clay 1
Grease 1 Nail polish 5 Typewriter Ribbon 1
Coffee 7 Hair Oil 1 Oil 1
Urine 8 Cola Drinks 1 Hand Lotion 1
Orange Drink 1 Varnish 3,1 Cooking Oil 1
Household Cement 5 Paint (latex) 3,1 Vaseline 1
Cough Syrup 1 Ice Cream 1 Paint (oil base) 3, Pro
Vomit 1 Crayon 1 Ink (ballpoint) 1
Rubber Cement 3,1 Wax (candle) 2 Creme de Mente 1
Ink (fountain pen) 1 Rust 6,1 Wax (paste) 1
Dye 1, Pro Ink (felt tip) 1 Salad Dressing 1
Where "Pro" is indicated, seek the help of a professional carpet cleaner.
Chart Legend
  1. Capture® Carpet Spot & Soil Remover/brush gently into the carpet pile until the spot or soil is absorbed by the porous particles. Wait 15 minutes/vacuum. (Absorb wet spills and allow to dry before using.)
  2. Freeze with ice cube/shatter with blunt object, vacuum up chips, apply solvent/wait several minutes, blot, and repeat if necessary.
  3. Solvent. Wait several minutes. Blot. Detergent. Blot Water. Blot.
  4. De-natured alcohol/repeat, if necessary (Pre-test as you would all solutions.)
  5. Polish remover (non-oily) blot/repeat.
  6. Rust remover or warm oxalic acid solution/let stand 15 minutes. Blot. USE GLOVES.
  7. Use Coffee Off. Specialty cleaner for coffee stains.
  8. Use Urine Off. Specialty cleaner for urine stains and odor.
  9. Use Wine Off. Specialty cleaner for wine stains.

Carpet Cleaning With Capture® Carpet Cleaner

Keep your carpet stain-free.
Capture particles are composed of thousands of synthetic polymer particles encased in a water based cleaning solution and mild lemon fragrance. Capture safely removes soiling from fibers without damaging the fiber or its stain resistant finish and is approved by Dupont, Monsanto, Allied and the Wool Bureau. Capture will not void carpet warranties! Capture is designed to remove the oily and water based soils that your vacuum can't by absorbing the material into the particles that vacuum away.

How Do I Use Capture ®?

Just follow four simple steps.
  1. Apply premist to break up heavier dirt and stains.
  2. Sprinkle a generous amount of Capture powder onto the misted area
  3. Brush into the carpet using Capture Brush. The brush will not damage or fuzz carpet.
  4. Wait 30 minutes and vacuum the soil laden Capture. You can leave Capture on your carpet as long as you choose - even over night. You can walk on Capture when it is down.

Capture ® Is Safe On All Carpets And Rugs.

  • Capture is safe on all types of fibers-nylon, olefin, polyester, wool and even silk.
  • Capture will not void warranties and will not affect or harm stain resistance.
  • Capture is safe for cleaning car interiors, furniture upholstery and other household fabrics.

Capture ® Effectively Reduces Allergens.

Capture is now proven to safely remove allergens while you clean. Tests conducted by Johns Hopkins University indicate effective reduction of pollen, mold, mildew, pet dander and dust mite allergens with Capture. Allergists now recommend Capture too!
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