Ceramic Tile and Marble Tile

Ceramic and marble tile Installed!

The marble tile looks great! An ordinary kitchen made extraordinary with stone tile.
Tile is chosen for kitchens, baths, and entrances for its ability to withstand moisture better than carpet or wood. And it's beautiful.

It's all about beauty. Feast your eyes on the gorgeous tiling in these rooms.

Everything Done for You

Some places just sell tile and give you a list of people you need to call to install the tile. This is just another level of do-it-yourself.

Pelletier Rug doesn't just sell ceramic and stone tile. We install tile. Your floor is guaranteed by the best flooring company in the area.
This porcelain tile is laid in a pleasing pattern.  It looks a little like granite tile. Porcelain tile that looks like stone.

Why Ceramic Tile?

A properly installed ceramic tile floor is considered a permanent floor. As with anything man-made, it IS possible to damage your floor. But ceramic tile is so durable that it is not expected to "wear out" like carpet does (grout may require touch up after several years).

Ceramic is the preferred choice for kitchens, baths, and other areas where being able to mop the floor for quick and easy maintenance is desirable.

Why Marble Tile or Granite?

Stone is durable like ceramic or porcelain tile, but adds natural beauty. Each tile is unique. If you prefer the grain of naturally finished wood to painted wood, you probably appreciate the natural beauty of granite or marble tile.

However, some people object to the variations in natural stone. That's not us! We love the uniqueness of marble and granite tile. However, if you prefer something more uniform and predictable, some (not all) ceramic tiles are better suited for you. You should get what you enjoy, and not what someone else likes. Enjoy your home.
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