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Carpet Quality – A True Story

I had a client come in one day and she told me she didn’t want to spend any more than the bare minimum on carpet because carpet lasts only a year or two for her.

Stop. Hold right there. Did carpet last only a year (or two) for your parents? No. How long did carpet last for your parents? Yeah, much longer.

Getting the bottom of the barrel (but for a cheap price) is symptomatic ofour culture today. When you get the cheapest carpet possible, not only does it not wear well, it doesn’t look good from day one! By the third month, you are really hating it.

Continue that thinking with every part of your house and the end result is disaster. Instead of real wood vanities in the bathroom, you have fiberboard with a sticker on it that looks like wood. Just like cheap carpet, those vanities don’t look good either. And after a very short time, they are looking shabby. Do that with your whole house and your whole house looks shabby. It begins to look like Al Bundy’s Home from the TV show Married With Children.

If you want a quality home; if you want a home you can be proud of, start with quality flooring. Your floor is the area that gets the most use. There is nothing else in your home that you walk on! You don’t walk on your walls. You don’t walk on your ceilings. But you walk on your floor. So you need something good (really good, actually) to withstand that kind of use.

With a quality carpet, our client doesn’t need to replace it every year or two. Her home looks better. And she’ll save money. When you replace carpet every year, you are paying for labor to install that carpet 10 times in 10 years. You can put that money into a quality carpet instead, and turn a shabby home into an awesome one.

The Best Floor For Your Basement

The Right Floor for Your Basement


The issue with basements is moisture.  Moisture comes in two types.

  1. Water can seep into the basement through cracks, poor flashing, etc.  This can cause puddles or even standing water.
  2. While concrete appears solid, it is actually quite porous.  Water vapor easily passes through concrete.  Think of this moisture as “humidity” that comes through the concrete.  Many people believe they do not have a moisture problem in their basement because they do not see standing water.  But water vapor IS a moisture problem.  When the floor is covered with a non-porous material, this water vapor can accumulate.  It can develop high water vapor pressure that is stronger than the glue holding the flooring to the floor.  Then your flooring is loose.

Testing may be necessary to be sure the amount of water vapor coming through your floor does not exceed certain levels.

Rating Flooring for Basements

    •  Excellent. Carpet is an excellent choice for many basements, as long as you don’t have standing water. Carpet breathes, so water vapor cannot develop high pressure.  This choice seems counter-intuitive to many people, but it is the right answer.

  • Very good. Ceramic tile is a very good choice, and will also handle occasional standing water.  The tile must be ceramic, not porcelain.  Porcelain is not porous enough and the tiles will come loose in environments with high vapor pressure.  The grout should not be sealed in this application.
  • Very good. Loose lay vinyl plank allows water vapor to escape from the edges of each plank.  Loose lay vinyl plank can handle vapor readings of up to 10 lbs.
  • Good.  Floating vinyl click flooring can handle vapor readings of up to 6 lbs.
  • Fair.  Glued down vinyl plank flooring can handle vapor readings of 3 to 6 lbs, depending on the product.

  • Fair. Sheet vinyl and linoleum can handle vapor readings of 3 to 4 lbs.
  • Very Poor. Wood flooring.  Wood and moisture do not mix.  Moisture will cause rot, decay, warping, and deformation of the wood.  Even wood installed with moisture mitigation systems have very high failure rates and are not recommended.
  • Very Poor. Laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is a wood based product, and has all the same issues as wood flooring.


Showroom Remodel

Our showroom remodel has begun!  The old, old wood floor, commercial carpet, ceramic tile, and laminate on the left side of the showroom are ALL being replaced with vinyl plank.  We chose a weathered board look, to tie in with the seaport motif we have.  Do you like it?

Weathered plank flooring.

The weathered plank flooring we are putting in our showroom.

Prepping the concrete floor.

Prepping the concrete floor. We pushed the display racks either way so we can work. We are doing the flooring in sections over several days.



Do You Need Carpet Tubes?

We regularly receive requests from people who want carpet tubes.  Carpet tubes have many uses, including:

  • We recycle them ourselves for rolling carpets on.  (But we still end up with more than we need.)
  • Craft projects.
  • Cat scratching posts.
  • Cut into sections for storage bins.
  • Etc.

We are happy to accommodate these requests.  It is better for everyone to recycle and reuse rather than send stuff to landfills.  Incidentally, carpet tubes are made of paper fiber that has already been recycled several times.  When the paper fiber gets old (and the fibers short), the paper fiber can no longer reasonably be made into quality paper, so it is made into carpet tubes.  Carpet tubes are about the last use that paper fiber gets, even after corrugated cardboard.  So we already have a very recycled product!  But we are happy to see it get one more use.

When requesting carpet tubes, please keep the following in mind.

  • We provide them FREE of charge.  Therefore, if you come in when we are busy, please wait patiently while we service our paying customers.  We will get to your request as soon as we can, and it is rare anyone needs to wait long.
  • Carpet tubes come 12′ long.  Be prepared to come with a vehicle that can handle a tube this long.  Sorry, but we do not provide a tube cutting service.
  • Tubes sometimes have staples on the ends.  Please be aware of this so you don’t cut yourself.  Also, staples should be removed before giving them to children for craft projects.
  • No, we do not ship carpet tubes.  We are happy to help people who come visit us, but it is not environmentally sound to ship carpet tubes.  If you are outside our service area, check with a local carpet store.  Most will be happy to help.
  • We can almost always accommodate requests for a couple carpet tubes.  No call is necessary.  Just come in.  If you are hoping to get a lot of carpet tubes, a call ahead would be a good idea just to be sure we can accommodate your request.

We thank you for your interest in carpet tubes.


The Royal Shave

Last February, I was attending the Surfaces floor covering convention which is held every year in Las Vegas when I took the following picture:

The Royal Shave

Now that must be a really good shave!!!

I’m thinking, nowhere but in Las Vegas (and the Mandalay Bay specifically) could you find a traditional shave for $35, and a “Royal Shave” for $55.  How good can a shave be?

My sister, Vickie, and I are joking about how we can put this on my expense account for the trip and justify it to my brother, Steve.  We jokingly come up with the following fictional dialogue:

Steve: Lee, you have $462 on your expense report for . . . SHAVING?!?

Lee: Yes.  I forgot my razor.

Steve: Couldn’t you just buy a razor?!?

Lee: I didn’t have time, considering how hard we were working.  And the beard grows back every day, so I had to go every day.  And since I’m representing the company, I didn’t want to have an “inferior” shave, so I got the Royal Shave.

Steve: (shaking his head) So, $55 per day times 7 days is $385.  How did you come to $462?

Lee: Plus tip.

Vickie and I were laughing about this all trip.  When you’ve been walking the convention floor all day, you’re exhausted, and your feet are dead; you look forward to these little tidbits of humor to keep you going.