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Why you need carpet protectors for rolling chairs.

Do I need one of those hard plastic chair mats under my rolling chair?  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.


You are looking at the back of this carpet.  The carpet has delaminated in the corner.  Delamination is a fancy word that means the primary and secondary backing have separated.  This piece was cut out from an area where a client had a rolling chair on the carpet without a carpet protector.  The repeated rolling and stretching of the carpet fabric has compromised the adhesive used to bind the primary and secondary backing of this carpet.

Once a carpet has delaminated, you will get wrinkles in the carpet that are impossible to get out.  This is NOT a manufacturing defect.

To protect yourself, you will want one of these:


These plastic mats are inexpensive, and will prevent the delamination of the carpet caused by the repeated rolling action of the chair.

It’s not just rolling chairs that can cause this.  Rolling carts and wheelchairs can also cause delamination of the carpet and ugly, permanent wrinkles.  If you have these situations in your home or business, it is essential that you tell us so we can suggest appropriate flooring for your situation.