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Carpet Quality – A True Story

I had a client come in one day and she told me she didn’t want to spend any more than the bare minimum on carpet because carpet lasts only a year or two for her.

Stop. Hold right there. Did carpet last only a year (or two) for your parents? No. How long did carpet last for your parents? Yeah, much longer.

Getting the bottom of the barrel (but for a cheap price) is symptomatic ofour culture today. When you get the cheapest carpet possible, not only does it not wear well, it doesn’t look good from day one! By the third month, you are really hating it.

Continue that thinking with every part of your house and the end result is disaster. Instead of real wood vanities in the bathroom, you have fiberboard with a sticker on it that looks like wood. Just like cheap carpet, those vanities don’t look good either. And after a very short time, they are looking shabby. Do that with your whole house and your whole house looks shabby. It begins to look like Al Bundy’s Home from the TV show Married With Children.

If you want a quality home; if you want a home you can be proud of, start with quality flooring. Your floor is the area that gets the most use. There is nothing else in your home that you walk on! You don’t walk on your walls. You don’t walk on your ceilings. But you walk on your floor. So you need something good (really good, actually) to withstand that kind of use.

With a quality carpet, our client doesn’t need to replace it every year or two. Her home looks better. And she’ll save money. When you replace carpet every year, you are paying for labor to install that carpet 10 times in 10 years. You can put that money into a quality carpet instead, and turn a shabby home into an awesome one.