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What Size Rug Should I Use?

This is a very common question. The answers vary. Let’s start with the easiest. For a dining room the goal is to be able to keep your chairs on the rug when someone is sitting in them. This requires 2′ on each side. So measure your table and add 4′ to each dimension. Voila! You have your size. For most dining rooms an 8’x 10′ will be just about right. For a small space you can delete a foot off these measurements (6″ each side. If your room is larger you can use a larger rug, though it isn’t necessary.
For living rooms and tv rooms decide what you want the rug “to do”. Do you just want an accent rug for color and design? In that case just a 4’x 6′ under your coffee table may do the trick. Do you want to create a seating area? In that case a 5’x8′ to 6’x 9′ will often do it. Do you want more of a room sized rug feel? Then 8’x 10′ or 9’x 12′ may be your answer. Many people ask what is the “rule of thumb” for how far away from the wall an area rug should come. Well the answer is, there really isn’t any “rule of thumb” Pay attention to your furniture placement. You may not want the furniture half on and half off a rug. Also pay attention to walkways and doorways. You don’t want to be straddling the carpet by having it end halfway into a doorway. If you have a beautiful hard surface floor to show you may want a smaller rug. If your hard surface floor is not in good condition a larger rug will help mask its deficiencies.