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Are You Sensitive to Odors?

Some of us are more sensitive to odors than others.  Some people can wear fragrance.  I can’t be near fragrance unless it is very subtle.  But other odors I can tolerate.  Each person is different.

New Carpet Smell

New carpet has an odor, just as new cars, and new clothing do.  The odors associated with carpet are the originating fiber(s) and if the carpet is tufted, glue.  The glue used in carpet is latex based, so the odor is similar to latex paint, but much less.

While I am sensitive to fragrances, I am not sensitive to new carpet smell.  Each person is different.  Some people like the taste of strawberries, some are turned off by them.

A Free Service

If you know you are sensitive to new carpet odor, we offer a free service to help mitigate the new carpet smell.  When we bind rugs, we float them on an air table.  An air table is like a giant air hockey table.  If you let us know you are sensitive to new carpet odor (the vast majority of people are not), we’ll be happy to unwrap your carpet prior to installation and put it on our air table overnight.  The air table will blow air through your carpet and this helps to mitigate (not eliminate) new carpet odor.

Most carpet facilities do not do binding or do not have an air table and are unable to do this for you.  But we are happy to.