Excite Your Life With Color!

When television was first introduced, all we had were black and white pictures.  When color television was introduced, everyone wanted color.  Why?  Color is exciting and interesting.  We do not see people purchasing (or even requesting) large flat screen televisions in black and white.  You can’t get a black and white television.  No one wants it.

I’ve seen a trend in decorating towards monochromatic color schemes.  Beige on beige.  Gray on gray.  Excuse me while a scream: Boring!

We have a rainbow of colors for a reason.  Use them.  And try to think beyond primary colors.  There is so much more than “blue”.  There is navy blue, royal blue, sapphire, cobalt blue, denim, azure, periwinkle, baby blue, cerulean, cornflower blue, Wedgwood blue, and ultramarine.  Given a few moments, I’m sure you can quickly add another dozen blues.

How about red?  There’s not just red.  There’s fire engine red, crimson, cranberry, cherry, cardinal, brick, raspberry, auburn.  Oh, this is fun!  Come up with some more.

Green? How about mint?  Hunter green?  Chartreuse, apple green, olive, sage, teal, forest, lime, or pistachio.

These colors are so much more exciting than beige on beige.  Color adds a mood . . . an emotion . . . to a room.  Beige is flat and emotionless.  Do we want to add sense of serenity to a room?  Which of the colors I’ve mentioned so far could do this?  How about pistachio?

Want to add some drama to a room?  How about a slash of cardinal red?

By using color to add an emotion to a room, our home (or work) becomes a refuge.  Want to change how you feel?  Just go to another room!




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