Do You Need Carpet Tubes?

We regularly receive requests from people who want carpet tubes.  Carpet tubes have many uses, including:

  • We recycle them ourselves for rolling carpets on.  (But we still end up with more than we need.)
  • Craft projects.
  • Cat scratching posts.
  • Cut into sections for storage bins.
  • Etc.

We are happy to accommodate these requests.  It is better for everyone to recycle and reuse rather than send stuff to landfills.  Incidentally, carpet tubes are made of paper fiber that has already been recycled several times.  When the paper fiber gets old (and the fibers short), the paper fiber can no longer reasonably be made into quality paper, so it is made into carpet tubes.  Carpet tubes are about the last use that paper fiber gets, even after corrugated cardboard.  So we already have a very recycled product!  But we are happy to see it get one more use.

When requesting carpet tubes, please keep the following in mind.

  • We provide them FREE of charge.  Therefore, if you come in when we are busy, please wait patiently while we service our paying customers.  We will get to your request as soon as we can, and it is rare anyone needs to wait long.
  • Carpet tubes come 12′ long.  Be prepared to come with a vehicle that can handle a tube this long.  Sorry, but we do not provide a tube cutting service.
  • Tubes sometimes have staples on the ends.  Please be aware of this so you don’t cut yourself.  Also, staples should be removed before giving them to children for craft projects.
  • No, we do not ship carpet tubes.  We are happy to help people who come visit us, but it is not environmentally sound to ship carpet tubes.  If you are outside our service area, check with a local carpet store.  Most will be happy to help.
  • We can almost always accommodate requests for a couple carpet tubes.  No call is necessary.  Just come in.  If you are hoping to get a lot of carpet tubes, a call ahead would be a good idea just to be sure we can accommodate your request.

We thank you for your interest in carpet tubes.


30 thoughts on “Do You Need Carpet Tubes?

  1. Gary Tomsic

    I need to roll up a 20′ X 30′ movie screen located in North Hollywood, CA and ship it to northern CA
    safely. Can two carpet tubes be joined and cut down to 21′?

    Any thoughts?


    ###-###-#### (phone number removed by moderator)

    1. leopard22614

      GT, I presume that the screen can not be folded without damaging it.

      Carpet tubes come up to 15′ long (as some carpets come from 15′ wide rolls). I suppose two tubes could be joined, but I’m a bit concerned about how to do that. I don’t think I could advise you on that project.

      What I DO suggest is: There must be companies that ship movie screens. I would contact such a company and they are likely to be able to advise you how they ship such screens safely and without damage.

      Best of luck.
      Lee Pelletier

  2. Peggy Hendrix

    I am wondering what diameters Carpet tubes come in? I would love to get some larger ones 6-8-10″?? Just curious! Thanks very much for your time:))

    1. Lee Pelletier Post author

      Carpet tubes come about 4″ in diameter. We do not have wider tubes. The same type of tube does come bigger, and people have called them Sono or Sonoco tubes (or sometimes mistaking Sono tubes as Sauna tubes). Building supply stores often have these tubes. They are commonly used to pour concrete footings. We also use them, but stacked horizontally on shelves and put rugs in them so client orders are easy to store and retrieve. Otherwise, the rug on the bottom could take a long time to get out!

      The tubes we purchased for storing rugs are bigger than what you are hoping for, but other sizes may be available. I would check with a local building supply store to see if they can provide the sizes you are hoping for.

  3. Jerry

    I noticed in one of the questions you answered that you do have larger diameter tubes that you store carpets in. I am part of a Non profit theater group production of Peter Pan at the Rogers Center at Merrimac College and we need two large diameter tubes to make trees for our Neverland set. Would it be possible to get a couple of the larger diameter tubes?

    1. Lee Pelletier Post author

      Hi Jerry. Sorry, but we had to buy our large diameter tubes since carpets do not come on them. They are called Sonoco tubes, and you can get them at a building supply place. We DO have tubes for free that come about 4″ in diameter, if that works for you. Ironically, we’re a bit short at the moment, but should be able to come up with a couple or few tubes for you if you need them.

  4. Caleb Griffith

    I need card tubes for arts and crafts I take discarded material and make them into new products. Can you please help 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx. (Phone number removed by moderator).

  5. Caleb Griffith

    I need tubes bad I use discarded material to make new products that can be used and will last can you help

    1. Lee Pelletier Post author

      Caleb, how many tubes do you need? If it’s just a few, you can pick them up anytime. Keep in mind that tubes are 12′ long, so one tube will do a lot of craft projects. If you need a lot of tubes, give us a call, and we will accumulate tubes for you. Thank you.

  6. Stephanie Cox

    We need some large carpet tubes for making a log cabin for VBS. Do you still have some to spare? We would really really appreciate it. Thank you!!!! (Personal contact information removed by moderator).

    1. Lee Pelletier Post author

      Hi Stephanie,
      I received your request for carpet tubes. Sorry, but we do not ship carpet tubes, and we are in Massachusetts so it will not be convenient for you to pick them up here.

      Fortunately, you are in Georgia, which is the carpet capital of the world (seriously). The Dalton and Calhoun area north of Atlanta have many mills and jobbers that may be able to help you.

      Good luck with your project.

  7. Antonio Cordova

    As coach I am needing four carpet tubes for a high school production needing tall columns for the stage. We plan on adding tack paper to them and the sheer fabric for esthetics comes later. Any ideas?

  8. Deanne Peterson

    I am interested in swinging by to pick up a couple of carpet tubes. I am interested in cutting them into 14″ lengths and then stacking 20 of them in columns to be used as classroom “cubbies” to store the student’s work. My question is: do you know of a place where I could take the tubes and pay to have them cut?
    Thanks so much!

  9. Lee Pelletier Post author

    Hi Deanne, I do not know of a “place” for tubes to be cut. A handyman is your best bet. Does the school have a maintenance person that could do this for you? I’d start there.

    One thing I will caution: Tubes cut with a regular hand saw. However, it is very easy to cut your thumb on your non-saw hand because of the round shape of the tubes. We have had two workers cut themselves this way, so we no longer cut tubes. We crush them, squish them, tear them, but we no longer cut them. If someone is cutting them, warn them to watch their thumb, and I would also suggest using cut resistant gloves.

    By the way, sounds like a great reuse of the carpet tubes!

    1. Deanne Peterson

      Thanks so much for your quick reply, Lee! I’ll check with our maintenance guys and see what they think. I’ll get back to you if they tell me they can do the cutting. And thanks for the warning! ~ Deanne

  10. Kay Totty

    I am trying to build a log cabin for a fire dept Christmas open house for our community. I am needing a lot. I believe the cabin is sides are 2-3 feet and the front is between 7-8 feet, minus the windows and door. How can you help me?

  11. Ernie

    Hello Lee, what a great service you are providing to the community. I am on a committee that is decorating a hall for a masquerade ball in october. This is a major fund raiser for a winter homeless shelter in our area. I shudder to say that I need 60 tubes. I am in NH and can travel for pick up.

    Thank you, Ernie

  12. Amy Halperin

    I need carpet tubes for a set design for the play my son is in-
    Do you still have them available I am trying to make a log cabin with them.

    thanks so much

  13. JYoung

    Where are you located? I am in Central PA. Looking for a few 6 feet long tubes for a non profit play for senior citizens’ group the first week in June. Out of tie and ideas….

    1. Lee Pelletier Post author

      We are located in Massachusetts. There should be a carpet store in Central PA that can help you out. Call some independent carpet stores (not chains). If you are really stuck, you can buy Sonotubes at a home center. These are used for pouring concrete footings. Although, they come wider than carpet tubes (about 8″ diameter or larger) and shorter than carpet tubes (usually 4′), they might help you out in a pinch. Good luck.

  14. Eva

    I am looking for suggestion for columns for a Greece themed Sweet 16 party that originally was to be a Quinceanera (Sweet 15) but was changed to a Sweet 16 to donate the money to families in PR due to the damage caused by hurricane Maria. These columns need to be between 6-8 feet tall and 1-2 feet wide. I have read your previous tips and you mentioned sono tubes, however, I have not had any luck finding the sizes I need. Do they come in the sizes I mentioned above? Need for November 10, 2018.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance,
    Holyoke, MA

  15. Deborah Cruz


    I need carpet tube for a Christmas play for the community. Do you have any tubes available?
    We are looking for 6-8 tubes. Please let me know,


  16. Ginamarie Roy

    I am a first grade teacher. I’m looking for a carpet tube to make a fake tree for my classroom. Do you have an extra tube that I could come and pick up?
    Gina Roy


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